Can I use my debit card outside the United States?

Due to high fraudulent usage that is initiated in foreign countries, it is the policy of Mountain Credit Union to block all international Mastercard Debit Card transactions unless our member authorizes and requests this block be removed from their Mastercard Debit Card. Contact Mountain Credit Union before you travel outside of the United States to request that the International Usage Block be removed from your Mastercard Debit Card. This pertains to both purchases and cash withdrawals made by a Mountain Credit Union Mastercard Debit Card. As a reminder, a fee of 1.050% of the transaction + .15¢ of the amount of the transaction, calculated in U.S. dollars, will be imposed on all foreign transactions, including purchases, cash withdrawals and credits to your account. A foreign transaction is any transaction that you complete or a merchant completes on your card outside of the U.S., Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.


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