Providing Proof of Insurance

  • No higher than a $1,000.00 deductible on comprehensive / collision coverage.
  • Credit Union must be listed as loss payee on the policy- Mountain Credit Union PO Box 924124 Fort Worth, TX 76124
  • The borrower cannot be excluded from the policy.
  • The collateral listed on the loan must be shown as the insured vehicle

What documentation is accepted?

A declarations page is all we need! ID cards and insurance binders are not sufficient proof and will result in a follow up call to the insurance agent to receive the declarations page.


Scan This QR Code

Proof of Ins QR Code

Scan image using your mobile phone. A notification box will appear at the top of your phone where you will enter in requested information.


Call 1.866.261.3726

Text a picture of your insurance declarations page. Call the same number for assistance in providing your proof of insurance.




*Here you will need the reference number listed on the letter.



Email your declarations page to



Fax your declarations page to 1.877.236.3364

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