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A smiling woman in an office setting with employees in the background.

Partnering with Businesses

Enhancing employee benefits with financial education and services.

Employee Financial Wellness Program

Employee wellness is key to productivity and success. Our Financial Wellness Programs are designed to support the financial health of your employees at no cost to you.

  • Credit Score Management Seminar
    Aimed at groups of 10 to 100, this seminar teaches the importance of maintaining a high credit score and strategies to achieve it.
  • Lunch & Learn Programs
    For groups of 5 to 35, these sessions cover topics like budgeting, credit, retirement planning, and car buying.
  • Credit Score Analysis
    One-on-one sessions to help employees understand their credit reports and improve their credit scores.
  • On-Site Visits
    Our representatives can visit your workplace to answer general account and personal finance questions.

Learn more about our wellness program today!

Employer Benefits

Are you looking to enhance your employee benefits package? At MCU, we partner with businesses to offer comprehensive financial education, services, and a free benefits package to employees, adding substantial value to your company's offerings.

A Select Employee Group (SEG) is any company that offers the services and benefits of our credit union to its employees. Extending credit union membership to your employees is free and provides them access to a host of financial products and services. Established in 1963, we have a proven track record of serving over 100 SEGs and 30,000 members across Western North Carolina.

Once approved, we conduct on-site orientations tailored to your employees' schedules, educating them about our products and services. Your Human Resources Department will also receive a complete set of credit union brochures and materials for all employees.

By offering your employees membership, you enhance your benefits package significantly. Our members enjoy access to a full range of financial products and services, often at better rates than other financial institutions, without the higher fees. The best part? It costs you nothing to provide these valuable services.

Get started today and elevate your benefits package effortlessly!