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Streamline Your Accounts

Simplify your financial management with our comprehensive services.

Direct Deposit

Enjoy the convenience and security of Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit allows for the electronic transfer of your paycheck, Social Security benefit, pension, or other payments directly into your account, ensuring instant access to your funds.

  • Eliminate waiting in payday lines and ensure the safety of your funds with Direct Deposit. Your entire paycheck can be automatically credited toward any combination of your Mountain Credit Union accounts each pay period.
  • To sign up, notify your Human Resources or Payroll Department and provide them with Mountain Credit Union's routing number (253174576) and your account details.

Sign up today to streamline your paycheck process and gain instant access to your funds. Contact us now for more information and for a copy of our Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Automatic Transfers

Seamlessly manage your finances with Automatic Transfers. Schedule recurring transfers between deposit accounts or set up automatic loan payments with ease.

With proper authorization and setup, you can transfer funds between accounts to support various financial goals, such as segregating funds for specific purposes or making regular loan payments.

Schedule your transfers now to ensure seamless management of your funds and achieve your financial goals with ease. Contact us today for more information and for a copy of our Automatic Transfer Authorization form.

Wire Transfers

Need to send or receive funds quickly? Use our Wire Transfer service for secure and efficient money transfers.

Follow the provided wire transfer instructions to initiate transfers to or from your Mountain Credit Union account. Ensure accurate details for seamless transactions.

Incoming Wire Transfer
Wire ToVizo Financial Corporate Credit Union
7900 Triad Center Dr., Ste 410
Greensboro, NC 27409
ABA/Routing Number – 231387550
BeneficiaryMountain Credit Union
1700 Russ Avenue
Waynesville, NC 28786
Account Number – 253174576
Final CreditMember's Name & Account Number

Check Reorder

Running low on checks? Easily reorder your checks for continued access to payment options.

Contact a team member or reorder online quickly and conveniently.

Keep your checkbook fully stocked and place your reorder now.

Courtesy Pay

Gain peace of mind and avoid declined transactions with our Courtesy Pay service. Protect your checking account from overdrafts and ensure uninterrupted access to funds.

Courtesy Pay covers checks, electronic payments, and transfers that would not have cleared due to insufficient funds, up to an approved limit, for a low fee per covered overdraft transaction.

Additionally, you may elect to extend Courtesy Pay coverage for point-of-sale and signature-based MasterCard Debit Card transactions. However, Courtesy Pay does not cover ATM transactions. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account for ATM transactions, they will be declined.

Courtesy Pay is not a loan. It is a service provided by Mountain CU to help you manage your account. There is no fee to enroll in Courtesy Pay, but when Courtesy Pay is used, there will be a fee of $25.00 per covered item. The full amount of the overdraft balance plus related fees will be due immediately but in no event later than 15 days from the date of the occurrence.

To qualify, ensure you are in good standing and have had a checking account open for at least six months.

Enroll today to enjoy the convenience and added security of Courtesy Pay.