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Homeownership Begins Here

Discover tailored mortgage solutions for your homeownership journey.

Mortgage Loans

Unlock the door to your dream home with our Mortgage Loans. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step of the home buying journey, making the process smooth and stress-free. We offer:

  • Fixed and adjustable rate mortgages
  • First-time homebuyer programs
  • Conventional loans
  • VA, USDA & FHA loans
  • Up to 100% financing
  • Investment properties
  • Second homes

We also offer financing for new or used manufactured homes attached to real property located in North Carolina.

  • New or used manufactured homes
  • Fixed rate loan
  • 1% origination fee
  • Up to 20-year term
  • $50,000 minimum loan amount

Or, if you are ready to get your home down to a ZERO balance, our Mortgage Eliminator Loan could be your answer.

  • 10-year fixed rate loan
  • Reduce your current rate
  • Build equity faster

Let us help you turn your homeownership dreams into a reality.


Is your current mortgage no longer aligned with your evolving circumstances? Whether rates have shifted since your initial mortgage or your financial situation has changed, refinancing with us offers a range of benefits:

  • Lower Rates
    Secure a lower interest rate, reducing your overall mortgage costs.
  • Affordable Payments
    Enjoy lower monthly payments, easing your financial burden.
  • Cash Back Options
    Access cash to fund significant purchases or investments.
  • Accelerated Payoff
    Opt for a faster mortgage payoff, gaining financial freedom sooner.

Refinance your mortgage and tailor your home loan to better suit your needs and goals.

Unimproved Property Loans

Are you considering purchasing land now with plans to build later? With our Unimproved Property Loan, you can turn your vision into reality. This loan option is available for properties located in North Carolina, subject to approved credit.

Home Equity Loans

Maximize the value of your home with a Home Equity Loan. Whether you're renovating, investing in education, or consolidating debt, our Home Equity Loan could be the solution you need. With up to 100% Loan to Value and NO CLOSING COSTS, accessing the equity in your home has never been easier. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of a variable rate line-of-credit tailored to your financial needs.