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How To Locate Routing Numbers and MICR Numbers On Your Printed Checks to help you in setting up Direct Deposit or Preauthorized Drafts.

Mountain Credit Union offers a variety of electronic services FREE of charge to our members. All information is secured with your personal User ID and password.

  • Signing up for our electronic services can often save you money on fees that are charged if you submit an over-the-counter request for the service
  • Access your account on weekends of holidays when your credit union's lobby is closed. 
  • Convenience for those who prefer to transact business remotely with Mountain Credit Union.

Submit Your Contact Information Here - A Representative Will Contact You To Assist You In Signing Up For Our Free Electronic Services

What is MCU Mobile Digital Wallet?

MCU Mobile Digital Wallet is a way to carry your credit card or debit card information in digital form on your mobile device. You can pay with your smartphone or tablet instead of using the plastic debit or credit card. Your transactions are quick, secure, and convenient.  Click For More Information

MCU Online Access with Paperless Statements

MCU Online is our online banking platform.  Sign in securely with your USER ID and password.  MCU Online will allow you to view balances and transaction history, access statements, transfer funds, and make payments.  You can also access MCU Money Manager which allows you to view and manage all of your financial accounts, even accounts at other banks or financial institutions.

MCU Money Manager

MCU Money Manager is your free online money management platform.  YOu can view all of your financial accounts in one place, even if the accounts are from other financial institutions.  Create custom budgets, set up account alerts with email or text messages, track spending, and set financial goals.  Money Manager is accessed through MCU Online.

MCU ON-CALL Audio Response System

Mountain Credit Union’s audio response service allows members to access account information by calling toll free 877.699.6328 or in Haywood County 828.456.6474. This is a voice response or touch tone system that is menu driven. To insure security of your account information a personal identification number [PIN] is required for access. Ask your Member Service Representative to sign you up for MCU On-Call.

Click here for the Audio Response Instructions

MCU BillPayer

SAFE, SECURE, FAST, FREE! Paying bills just got easier with MCU BillPayer. You can pay all of your bills from the comfort of your home or office. Imagine, at the touch of a button all your bills can be paid without buying a stamp or mailing an envelope. Once you’ve used BillPayer, you will never want to go back to writing checks to pay your bills. BillPayer allows you to pay your bills through your personal computer. You can schedule onetime or recurring payments. Payments can be made to any payee, and you can view the payment history on your personal computer. Best of all – it’s FREE!

To use MCU BillPayer, you must:

  • Have a personal computer with Internet access
  • Enroll in MCU Online Access*
  • Have a checking account with Mountain Credit Union

To enroll, contact a Member Service Representative at your local branch office. If you’re already signed up for MCU Online, you can sign up for MCU BillPayer automatically by signing on to MCU Online, clicking BillPayer and following instructions to auto enroll.

Bill Pay Support Line:


Mountain Credit Union is in the palm of your hand whether you're on vacation, at your job, mowing the grass, or at the movies!  MCU Mobile is secure and easy to access your account.  Check your balance, transfer funds, pay bills whenever it is convenient for you - plus receive alerts whenever something changes with your account!  Search for Mountain Credit Union in the App Store!


MCU Mastercard Debit Card

MCU Mastercard Debit Card allows you to withdraw funds from an ATM or use to purchase items at any merchant that accepts Mastercard.  The funds will be debited directly from your checking account.  MCU Mastercard Debit Card can be instantly issued at all of our Mountain Credit Union offices.  There's no need to wait for a card to be mailed to you.

MCU Mastercard Credit Card

MCU Mastercard Credit Card allows you to make purchases or cash advances anywhere Mastercard is accepted (within the US).  Monthly payback terms apply.


Snap-A-Check allows you to take a photo of a check and submit to Mountain Credit Union for deposit.                 Click For More Information

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

ATMs are located at each of our Mountain Credit Union offices.  ATMs at all offices will dispense cash.  The ATM located at our Waynesville facility not only dispenses cash, but also accepts deposits.

Drop Boxes

Drop boxes are available at all of our offices with the exception of Waynesville.  The drop-box is in the drive-thru window area and documents or payments can be left in the drop box 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the electronic transfer of your paycheck, Social Security benefit, pension, annuity check, or other payment into your account. Your entire paycheck can be automatically credited toward any combination of your Mountain Credit Union accounts each pay period. Direct Deposit increases the safety and convenience of processing your check, eliminates waiting in payday lines, and makes your funds instantly available. With Direct Deposit, your money is protected. Government agencies have rules in place to protect you in case of error. Direct Deposit is also more confidential because fewer people are involved in processing your payment.

To sign up for Direct Deposit you should notify your Human Resources or Payroll Department. They will provide you with a form to complete or you can click here access the Mountain Credit Union Payroll Deduction/Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Your employer will determine your direct deposit start date based on its payroll processing.

Your employer will need the following information:

  • Your Mountain Credit Union routing number/ABA – 253174576
  • Your savings account number as it appears on your statement for deposits to savings
  • Your 9 or 13 digit checking account number printed at the bottom of your checks for deposits to checking. Your employer may request a voided check.  (Please note:  checking accounts opened prior to July 18, 2016 will have a 9 digit MICR number - checking accounts opened after July 18, 2016 will have a 13 digit MICR number) 

How To Locate Routing Numbers and MICR Numbers On Your Printed Checks to help you in setting up Direct Deposit or Preauthorized Drafts   

To have funds go to a combination of accounts at Mountain Credit Union you will need to complete a Payroll Deduction/Direct Deposit Authorization Form and return it to a Mountain Credit Union Member Service Representative. You can specify amounts to go to Savings, Checking, Christmas Club, and other savings accounts and you can automatically make loan payments.

Automatic Transfers

You can schedule recurring transfers between deposit accounts or create an automatic loan payment. You can transfer between accounts with proper authorization and set up. This could be beneficial if you have a child attending college or wish to segregate funds for any reason. Click here to access the Mountain Credit Union Automatic Transfer Authorization form. You should complete this form and return it to a Mountain Credit Union Member Service Representative.

Wire Transfer Instructions

Wire To:

Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union

7900 Triad Center Dr., Ste 410

Greensboro, NC 27409

ABA/Routing Number - 231387550


Mountain Credit Union

1700 Russ Avenue

Waynesville, NC 28786

Account Number - 253174576

Final Credit:

Member's Name & Account Number

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