Fraud Awareness

Mountain Credit Union is committed to helping you avoid scams and will do whatever we can to bring them to the attention of our members.  We will also do our best to answer any questions you have BEFORE you become a victim.  If you have concerns that you may be a victim, contact your local Mountain Credit Union office immediately.                        Click Here To Find Your Local MCU Office

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Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery Services

Mountain Credit Union is happy to provide Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery Services at no cost to every member that has a personal checking account.  You can purchase additional coverage that will provide you additional services such as credit monitoring, credit report, lost document replacement, dark web monitoring, and score tracker.  Learn more when you click here.

If you suspect that you have been the victim of fraud or identity theft, contact your Mountain Credit Union Member Service Representative. They will help you obtain a Recovery Advocate that is certified, professional, and case-dedicated to your suspected fraud event. The Recovery Advocate can help you with all types of suspected Identity Fraud, and the incident does not have to be associated with your account at Mountain Credit Union. The Recovery Advocate can help you with any suspected fraud detected with any account, credit card, medical, or tax-related fraud that you may suspect. 


The Federal Trade Commission is a valuable source to learn about protecting yourself from scams & rip-offs.  Visit the Federal Trade Commission Scam Awareness site by clicking on the banner below:

federal trade commission

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