Employer Benefits

Are you providing your employees the best benefits? Read below to find out how you can provide membership in Mountain Credit Union free to all your employees!

Why offer Mountain CU benefits?

What is a Select Employee Group?

A Select Employee Group [SEG] is any company that offers the services and benefits of Mountain Credit Union to its employees. Many businesses are surprised to find that they can extend credit union membership to their employees at no cost. Founded in 1963 and currently serving over 100 SEGs and 16,500 members, Mountain Credit Union has long specialized in supplying credit union services to Western North Carolina's industries and their employees.

Employee Financial Wellness Program

Employee Wellness is an important part of having a productive and successful company. That includes physical, mental, and financial wellness. Let Mountain Credit Union help you with the Financial Wellness of your employees with our FREE Financial Wellness Programs.

  • Credit Score Management Seminar: Intended for 10 to 100 participants in a group setting. Teaches your employees the importance of a great credit score that will allow them to qualify for the loan rates that they deserve! Shows how to raise and maintain your credit score.
  • Lunch & Learn Programs: Intended for groups of 5 to 35 participants. Includes sessions on budgeting, credit, retirement, and car buying.
  • Credit Score Analysis: One-on-one session.  To help employees understand their credit report and offer strategies for improving their credit score.
  • On-Site Visits: Representatives can be on site to answer general account and personal finance questions as the employees’ work schedule permits.

Happier, more loyal employees

You can substantially increase the value of your benefits package by offering your employees membership in a credit union. Membership in Mountain Credit Union will give your employees convenient access to a full line of financial products and services that will save them both time and money. We typically offer better rates than other financial institutions, but without the higher fees generally associated with better rates. The best part is that it doesn't cost you a single cent to provide our services.

Become a SEG

Becoming a SEG is easy. Click here and email your name, company name, your position, and your phone number.  We will contact you to get the planning process started!  

Once approved, we provide on-site orientations designed around your employees' work schedule. We will educate your employees on how they can enjoy the wide variety of products and services that we offer. We will also supply your Human Resources Department with a complete line of credit union brochures and materials for all new and existing employees.

What is required of the company?

Our SEGs have two responsibilities:

1) to promote the benefits of credit union membership to their employees, and

2) we require that you make it possible for your employees to deposit money into their account directly from their paycheck. This can be accomplished through either Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction via traditional mail.

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