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To reach MCU On-Call Dial 877-699-6328 or 828-456-6474


24/7 Emergency Credit & Debit Card Phone Numbers

VISA Credit Card Services & Maintenance

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To report your VISA Credit Card lost or stolen:

For 24-hour cardholder service:

To obtain assistance while traveling 24-hours per day, 7 days a week, call the VISA Assistance Center:
800-VISA-911 within the U.S.
410-551-9994 Outside the U.S. call collect

MasterCard Debit Card Services & Maintenance

After Hours Lost/Stolen:

Card Activation with PIN Selection:

Real Time PIN Change/Pick a PIN:

MasterCard Secure Code
Transaction Assistance Line: Within the United States: 1.888.526.0404, International callers: 206.352.4954

MyCardRules is an app that adds extra security to your Mountain Credit Union MasterCard Debit Card.  You can freeze the card when you're not using it - unfreeze it when you need it!  Get alerts each time your card is used.  Go to the App Store on your phone and search for MyCardRules to download this important app! 

BillPay Support Line

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