Financial Education

Mountain Credit Union is committed to providing financial education to all ages to increase knowledge and assist in building, improving, or maintaining a positive financial standing.  Our efforts include:

  • Financial presentations to youth groups or schools to provide information on budgeting, credit, and general information on saving and spending wisely.  All of these presentations and educational resources are provided for the appropriate age group that we are presenting to.
  • Financial education resources are provided to adults to educate and assist in first time home buying, managing debt, budgeting, or life events such as losing a job.

Our financial education resources are available online, face to face for groups, or one-on-one inside our branch with one of our Credit Counselors.  

Mountain Credit Union and Banzai: Take Control of your Money

For Teachers: Mountain Credit Union and Banzai for Education: Making an Impact

Mountain Credit Union has Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors (CCUFC) on staff to provide FREE Financial Wellness Checkups to our members.

  • Do you want to learn how to start a savings habit or build an emergency fund?

  • Do you need to start a budget or learn how to manage your money?

  • Do you want to learn new strategies on how to pay off debt?

  • Do you want to get organized and take charge of your finances, but just need extra help to get started?

  • Do you need someone to help you take the first steps toward your financial goals?

    Our financial education resources are available online, face to face for groups, and one-on-one inside our branch or over the phone. One way to accomplish your financial goals is by scheduling a one-on-one session with one of our Credit Counselors.

    Request an appointment and one of our counselors will reach out to you. Depending on your needs, you may be asked to fill out a quick budget worksheet or short questionnaire. This should take you no more than 15 minutes.

    Appointments run on average 30–40 minutes, and are conducted in person or over the phone with complete confidentiality. During the call, your Certified Financial Counselor will review your monthly budget and / or identify goals that fit your personal situation.

    Your Certified Financial Counselor will help you set up your personalized “action plan” designed to help you with goals like starting a savings habit, setting up a budget, and saving on fees and interest rates you are charged at other financial institutions. They will also walk you through the steps necessary to achieve your goals by setting up automatic distributions to your savings accounts and loans to make it easier to stay on track.

After your appointment, you will continue to have the support and accountability from your personal Financial Counselor. They will stay with you for the entire process, no matter how long it takes to help you meet your goals and build your financial confidence. At Mountain Credit Union, we help our members become better educated consumers of financial services.

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