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Identity Theft Recovery Services

Protect your identity and your peace of mind.

Identity Theft Recovery Services

Identity theft is a growing concern, consistently topping the list of complaints to the Federal Trade Commission. With rampant data breaches affecting millions of records, everyone is at risk, regardless of age, income, or caution. We are here to help you safeguard your identity with our Full Managed Identity Theft Recovery Services, included at no cost with every personal checking account.

Our Identity Theft Recovery Services include:

  • Full Managed Identity Theft Recovery
    If your identity is compromised, we will assign a professional, certified, and licensed Recovery Advocate to handle your case. They will manage all aspects of the recovery process, from investigating the extent of the fraud to coordinating with government agencies and financial institutions. Our advocates work tirelessly on your behalf until your identity is fully restored.
  • Family Coverage
    Our services extend to cover up to three generations of your family, including your spouse or domestic partner, dependents under 25 living at the same address, IRS-qualified dependents, and parents living with you or in elder care facilities. This coverage continues for up to 12 months after a family member's death, offering crucial protection during a vulnerable time.
  • Lost Document Replacement
    If important documents are lost, stolen, or destroyed due to identity theft, your Recovery Advocate will assist in replacing them. This includes contacting creditors, canceling compromised information, and obtaining new documents.

How it works

  • Immediate Assistance
    If you suspect identity theft, contact us immediately. You don't need to confirm the fraud before seeking help.
  • Professional Advocacy
    A Recovery Advocate will be assigned to your case, conducting thorough research, placing fraud alerts, and disputing fraudulent information on your behalf.
  • Coordinated Effort
    We will coordinate with relevant agencies, financial institutions, and creditors to resolve the issue.
  • Legal Support
    Our advocates create and maintain a case file to assist law enforcement in prosecuting the perpetrators.
  • Continuous Follow-Up
    We will follow up with you to ensure your identity remains secure and your records are accurate.

Our fully managed identity theft recovery service provides peace of mind, knowing that a dedicated professional is working on your behalf to restore your identity. Open a personal checking account with us and safeguard your financial future.